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What we do

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Writing and proofreading

We love good copy — in any language:

Based in Iceland and Switzerland, Gusta sells Icelandic knitwear and yarn. This year, we’re planning to improve our website so we can sell yarn directly through our online shop.

To help us attract international customers, From Scratch polished the language of our English-speaking website. We’re looking forward to implementing this valuable work.

Thank you for your great comments and corrections!
— Ágústa Þóra Jónsdóttir, Owner,
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Popular workshops include:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Responding to customer emails, live chat and social media posts
  • How to bring your brand to life in customer service phone calls

What you get:

From the blog:

Planning soft skills training for support teams

The training method that helps build an awesome team culture

3 ways to level up your support team's writing skills

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  • Benchmarking based on leading research to define ‘what excellence looks like’ in your industry.

  • Facilitation methods, psychology and organisational theory to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Narrative user experience design for your 'contact us' page, forms and self-service apps.

For support that lives up to your brand promise

  • Your team communicates with empathy, enthusiasm and expertise
  • Your website and app are truly helpful to your users
  • Whether it’s a handwritten card or a Facebook message, you’re recognisably you

Let's create

  • A recruitment process that helps you hire the right support people
  • Training and coaching packs that grow everyone’s skills, from inductees to managers
  • FAQs, a knowledge base and templates that are both efficient and engaging

Customer love for our benchmarking reports:

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Anna Brindle, Lost Shapes

Sabine opened up the discussion about customer service and communications through a call, and helped me work out the areas in which I wasn't confident that Lost Shapes was fulfilling its potential.
She then went away with a specific brief to analyse the website on a few key points, and benchmark the strengths and weaknesses compared to two other businesses that were similar but further developed.

Her report was delivered really quickly, was very easy to read, and incredibly helpful. It had a useful mix of big picture views and specific pointers, with actionable conclusions. It was really helpful to have an objective view, but someone who understood the values of the business.

I would be very happy to recommend From Scratch.


Jack McConnell, Made with Fuel

I found the From Scratch website benchmarking report useful, and it looks great, too.

I don’t want to overload the user with links through-out the content, and the report helped me see new ways to achieve this.

In our conversations, Sabine also introduced me to some tools that quickly show me how to make websites more accessible to all users.

Thanks again!