From Scratch Web CoCoA

Overcome the Web Content Overwhelm
that Keeps Traffic from Your Website


You're ambitious. You're in business to make a dent in the universe.

But the reality is:

You're always playing catch-up with your plans.

Your online presence is a case in point…


Your website is a


So, your website never feels quite ready to be pushed "out there" for people to see.

To make matters worse, there's barely any organic traffic at the moment.

And when the time comes to invest in Google ads, optimise your SEO or give out business cards with your web address, you can't help but wonder...

"Is it even worth sending any traffic there?
What if they see the website and run?"

You just never feel confident putting €€€ on your website (in the form of paid ads).

And when you do take the leap and invest in ads, the results are sobering

To say the least.


But hey, it's not as if you hadn’t invested into your website.

NO! You've invested LOADS — and it's not your fault things didn't work out quite the way you'd hoped...


Investment 1

You've learned as much as you could about writing for the web & DIY'ed the heck out of it

Wow, is there a lot to learn.

In the last 6 months alone, you've saved a few dozen blog posts, subscribed to a handful of newsletters, downloaded countless samples to your Kindle (so you remember to read those amazing books!), registered for 3 webinars that sounded REALLY good (don't forget to watch the replays sitting in your inbox!)...

... and you have a hunch that you'd faint if you knew the collective number of pages of all those unread free downloads in your Download folder.

You'd guess that you now have everything you need to get your point across in a non-preachy, concise way — and make the sales you need in order to bend history in the right direction.

But somewhere along the road, you heard about the 7-second rule...

As in, your website has only got 7 seconds to leave a good impression on the visitor.

(Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven — right, that's it.
If you've done it wrong, all your visitors will have left your page. Apparently.)

Worse still...

You find out that the 7-second-rule was established more than a decade ago. That blog post for professional copywriters is saying it’s outdated. Now your website needs to impress in as little as 2 seconds.

Cue total writer's block.

The tragic thing is, you're suddenly stuck on the last 10%.

You have some sites in draft mode that only need the last push to publish. Guess what: mostly it's the text. The very text that sells your products or services.

And although you've spent hours (if not days) tinkering with that text, it still doesn’t clearly show what you do currently.

In fact, you've thought about taking some of those pages offline till you get round to updating them. 

But you simply have no time to make those updates. Client work, improving your products and sales always come first.

On those rare occasions that you find time to sit down and write, you're wondering...

  • Have we identified the right niche for our offer?

  • If this IS the right niche, what's the best way to communicate how we can make their lives better?

  • Do visitors see themselves (their problem and a solution) represented on our website?

  • Is there too much jargon?

  • Does it look appealing?

  • Does our website even make sense?

— and you're stuck.

If I've learned one thing in my career, it's this:

You'll never find the time to do all of the things that overwhelm you and make you feel helpless.

You'll remember your plans fondly...

You'll think of all the things you want to do...

But somehow, you'll struggle to free up the time to really focus on getting your website finished the way you want it to be. There’s never enough time!

Let me tell you a secret:

If you knew exactly what you want to say on your product or services page...

and if you knew exactly what you need to do...

…you'd absolutely find the time to update the copy.



Investment 2

You got a web designer to make you a profesh website & a freelance “wordsmith” to fluff things up for you

Yes, when deadlines ran over, you were disappointed. But you understand creativity can't be rushed.

Still, this was a fun project. It felt good paying people to do their best work for you.

On the day of your new site going live, you were enjoying the big reveal. Congrats flowing in on social media and email. Your whole team loving it. Your existing customers praising it.

And yet...

It's not selling that much better than your old website did.

You realise you've now got a more sophisticated site, which can be intimidating. And it's harder to maintain.

But the biggest concern is that you have this broad offer that covers multiple needs. You need to explain your proposition do different people:

  • individual users AND businesses;

  • kids AND their parents;

  • conscious consumers AND fashionistas;

  • gift-givers AND recipients...

Their needs are all related... but it's not that obvious to the people coming to your website.

(You know, because they don't buy — and some even tell you so.)

Fact is, you've now shelled out a considerable amount of money and still haven't got that clear message that sells how your products can help your dream customers.


Investment 3

You got a second pair of eyes on things — in the form of a website review

Full of excitement, you opened your review report.

OK, great: the review said there's confusion on what you do. Bingo!

You scanned the Powerpoint deck for a list of actionable improvements...


(Except for a few typos you'd missed, a comment about using bigger fonts and some accidental repetitions that you had overlooked.)

You made those changes and watched your inbox for signs of increased lead generation.

Demo requests, trial signups, newsletter subscribers, orders... anything to show it's been worth the effort.

Turns out this review was "light-touch and high-level", and the kind of result you're looking for was never on the cards.

Feedback from a web design agency, creative writers or even family and friends can lead you in the wrong direction. You end up with copy that flows beautifully on the page but doesn't drive people to take action. Or poetic descriptions that attract attention but don't result in sales. Or lots of praise for a job well done, when you already know it's not fulfilling your expectations.


If any of these sound familiar, it's time for a step-change.

Wave goodbye to overwhelm.

Buckle up and dive head-first into the wonderful world of triple-conversion messaging strategy.

You'll be amazed at the clear skies and crystal waters: no more muddling through.

No more fluffy-clouding your offer to your dream customers.


You’re tired of this all-consuming web content exercise.
But you want online sales.
So it’s time you met the Web CoCoA.


The most engaging way for growing brands like you to get actionable, specific advice on what needs to be done to make your website outstanding …

… and attract THE RIGHT traffic


The Website Conversion Copy Audit (aka Web CoCoA) will completely transform the way you look at your own website — and the websites of your competitors.

It's an all-in-one, comprehensive assessment of your messaging maturity in terms of readability, logical structure & the copy's power to persuade and convert:

  • Convert people from tired beliefs to new mindsets

  • Convert readers into buyers — getting the YES (sale, signup, commitment to your cause)

  • Convert your communications from one cultural context or language into another.

Plus, your website's user-friendliness in terms of UX, accessibility and functionality.

You don't need a creative copywriter who can swoop in there and "fluff things up" so your website sounds pretty. You count on your website to win you new customers.

That's why the Web CoCoA exists to give you the solid advice and direction you need to make game-changing tweaks and adjustments.

The kinds of tweaks that can help encourage people to...

  • make an enquiry,

  • book a demo,

  • subscribe to your emails,

  • sign up for a trial, or

  • buy a product

When it comes to selling with words, you need a conversion copy expert.

The words on the page must be used strategically
to achieve a specific goal.

The Web CoCoA goes beyond a simple, top-line evaluation of the copy and also gives you a professional view on the structure of your website. You'll get feedback on any UX problems, suggestions for improvements to the copy and supporting imagery, and I'll flag any concerns, broken links and other issues that I spot.

You'll get a greater understanding of how to improve your copy, online customer journey and calls to action to...

  • get page visitors engaged and coming back for more

  • get them to provide their email, make a purchase or get in touch

  • get the clarity and confidence to finally send traffic to your page — organically, through SEO improvements or via targeted ads.

Web CoCoA teaches you to think like a conversion rate optimisation expert.

Here's what's included in the audit:

Within just 5 working days, you'll receive

  • an honest, compact video summary of 3 pages on your website, explained with statistics and examples

  • a detailed & easy-to-navigate online report that you can share with your developers, web designers and others on your team

  • a 30-minute, live Q&A video call so we can dive into the detail together and make sure all my feedback is crystal clear to you and your team

  • BONUS: I'll write new or improved copy for one crucial section of your website — and that new copy is fully explained on the video summary


Looking for clearer messaging & a strategy for improving your online sales?

Then hiring a copywriter for an expensive project isn't always the smart thing to do.

Portfolios only tell you so much. The key information you need — how the copy performed — is usually absent.

You don't need a hired pair of hands
who'll do exactly as you say.

You need your website to drive brand awareness &
win more users and customers.

And while you're the expert when it comes to your brand, at this point, you've got more questions than answers about your online storefront:

  • How do users generally use your website?

  • Is it obvious to newcomers how to use the search bar?

  • Is anything missing from the page? Is there enough copy? Is it too much?

  • Is the website accessible — for people who've never heard of you, as well as for anyone with disabilities?

The Web CoCoA will answer these questions, so you know exactly what's needed to turn your website into a one-stop shop where your offering is simple and clear — and people feel compelled to buy from you.

That knowledge will radiate throughout your company and improve coherence in your future plans.


"The Web CoCoA helped me achieve a conversion rate of 25%"

The Website Conversion Copy Audit was so helpful when I was launching a new paid offer recently. As a marketing strategist, I know how to write a website — but Sabine was still able to find the weak points in my argument that I'd missed.

Line by line, she highlighted my strongest sales messages and pointed out sections that were likely to evoke doubt in my readers.

The CoCoA also helped me to get super clear on what my clients are getting for their money.

The new and improved version meant I could launch my paid offer with confidence - and it worked! I exceeded my launch target and now have a sales page I can use to promote this offer again and again.

— Sian Conway, Founder & Director, Ethical Hour

Sian heads up  Ethical Hour , a community and marketing consultancy for brands that put people & the planet first

Sian heads up Ethical Hour, a community and marketing consultancy for brands that put people & the planet first


"This audit will pay for itself"

I loved it.

I found the audit incredibly helpful and incredibly motivating.

And I found it very easy to digest.

It reminded me of the value of having someone else's eyes on things, and how motivating and stimulating that can be.

And it gave me lots of thoughts for beyond the website, for example, the language we use in our social media, in our email marketing and so on.

I've already gone and made some amends to the site, and I'm in the thick of some more.

You've suggested really tangible changes that will impact sales and pay for themselves.

— Rosie Cook, CEO & Founder, Deakin and Blue

Rosie leads transformational swimwear brand  Deakin and Blue

Rosie leads transformational swimwear brand Deakin and Blue


"The CoCoA showed me how Sabine works and that she knows her sh*t"

Before working with From Scratch, my biggest hesitation was that Sabine did not specialise in my focus industry (logistics). But I soon realised that there was no need to worry.

Sabine is very well organised and structured. Within a short time, working with Sabine already got me to think through a lot of things in a structured way — something I otherwise wouldn't have done.

Working with From Scratch is not just about great copy. Sabine triggers thought processes that fundamentally help you understand your customers and business better.

— Oliver Schopp, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Blimp App

Oliver runs  Blimp , a photo app taking logistics companies into the 21st century

Oliver runs Blimp, a photo app taking logistics companies into the 21st century


When you want your website to bring in leads,
it's time to move beyond "fluffing things up"


Your website has one purpose: to serve your business goals.

You're not here to mess around. You're here to make an impact.

And you have little patience for flights of fancy that sound intriguing — but have no basis in research and testing.

Totally my style, too.

And if that's not true for you, then you shouldn't go for a Web CoCoA. Because it will be overkill.

In fact, a Website Conversion Copy Audit is only right for you if ALL of the following are true for you:

  • You already have a website with at least 3 sub-pages or landing pages

  • Your business is profitable or has achieved product-market fit

  • You've got Google Analytics or a similar solution installed on your website

  • You know what kinds of leads you want to attract

  • You have set clear business goals for your website

  • You fundamentally believe that copy is your 24/7 sales person on the internet — selling your product or service, ideas and better practices

I audit for clarity, style, conversion rate optimisation and user experience. I'm driven by results. My happiest clients are, too.

And here's an important point I want to highlight: when you implement any changes I've recommended, you should put the new copy to the test against your old copy.

I want you to measure my recommendations.

Because I'm emotionally invested in every single company I work with, I want to know how things are delivering for you. And I want to learn from each job, so I can keep giving excellent advice.

The whole idea behind the Web Copy Conversion Audit is to tell you where you're losing the YES.
Here's how that works...

  1. Brief me via the big button below.

    (Think of the Web CoCoA like going to a professional lab to get the bloodwork done for your website. I don't need to know your family history to five generations back — just a few targeted questions so I know where it hurts right now.)

  2. Accept the Ts & Cs, check out & pay.

    If you're registered for VAT outside the Netherlands (UStr / TVA / sales tax), enter your registration number and the discount code VATCOCOA to take off 21% Dutch VAT

  3. Keep an eye on your inbox: I'll confirm the date I'll deliver your audit, give you a link to schedule the date and time for our Q&A call and send you a professional invoice for your records.

  4. On the date I confirmed, you'll get one neat email with:

    1. a video summary of my audit

    2. the link to an online, annotated version of your website where you can see all my comments & recommendations. Your web designers will love this — because they can easily see what to change and why.

    3. BONUS:
      You'll also get a Google Doc with new or rewritten copy for a crucial part of your website (this will also be explained on the video).


K, sounds good! But... does it work? We've been burned before.

100% of Web CoCoA clients would recommend the audit.

That said, the best way to find out if the audit will deliver the kinds of insights your business needs, is to see it in action.

Watch this video to experience a real-life Website Conversion Copy Audit for yourself

Thanks to Mary Baird-Wilcock, host of The Simplifiers Podcast, for letting me show you what a real Web CoCoA looks like…

…except this one’s just for 1 sales page rather than the 3 URLs I’ll audit for you:


Watch the video summary of my audit for

No kidding, this is the very video I made for Mary


And here’s Mary Baird-Wilcock’s feedback on our Q&A call:

Watch this 50-second video to see what Mary said


Is it worth an hour of your time to get a website that converts?

Get your Website Copy Conversion Audit today:


"I'm only 13 minutes in to the video but just had to email to say how brilliant this method of feedback is, and how useful the comments are already."

I wanted to write you about 8 emails while I was watching your video explanation and I thought, Stop it! It's embarrassing!

— Email from a client who'd like to stay anonymous :-)


Unlike with website reviews,

  • all feedback is fully transparent and plausible, drawing on research and stats

  • your website won't be scored — all recommendations are constructive and respectful

  • the video is packed with information so you won't have to sit through hours of lengthy rambles

  • you can share the video and online annotations easily with your team and other suppliers

When your copy is a constant work-in-progress and you think a pro could have got there way quicker...

Get the actionable guidance you need.

Get the Website Conversion Copy Audit.