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(Training based on solid Discovery => laser focused sessions)


From ethical conversion copywriting training to conflict resolution training…

From handling difficult phone calls to writing effective sales pages.

Customer Care training is my most popular offer. (Click here for details.)

Fun workshops that make a real difference


Let’s bounce some effective & fun ideas on a call. On the house, of course.

Excellent session from Sabine — has a unique, yet very easy to understand way of explaining things.
— Workshop participant, insurance company
You know you have hit the mark when you have the agents fully on board when you delivered the sessions — very much positive feedback was provided.
— Customer Services Manager, loyalty scheme
You were amazing when you came to visit us and really easy to build that lovely relationship with.
— Training and Quality leader, financial services

Customer Care Training

Does this sound familiar?

You're a company with strong values.

Your customers have strong values, too.

So, you receive challenging questions about your business ethics…

But your replies don't really address the issues.

In order to help advisors, you've tried some template replies, but you've seen them copy and paste without thinking. 

That worries you.

For quite a while now, you've used much the same approach to training advisors, writing service content & monitoring quality…

…perhaps better ways of doing things?

However, you don’t have an established support network to share best practice with, ask advice from and discuss lessons learned.

There's never enough time or people to manage all incoming queries as quickly as you should.

This makes it hard to take people “off the phones” to do coaching or training.

And it’s is made worse by all those unnecessary follow-ups when advisors don't anticipate and preempt other questions the customer will likely have later on.

… a vicious circle!

"Customer service is the new marketing."

This quote by Derek Sivers resonates with you, and you dream of a future in which your company's service reputation precedes you — globally.

When you read your company's support emails or listen to a service phone call, you want to feel proud. 

You want to see your team answer all the customer's questions in one coherent, succinct email.

You want them to add a genuine personal touch so your customers feel special and cared for.

And you wish customers would self-serve more so your team was less stretched.

In a nutshell, you're looking for...

  • an outside view on what really needs improvement and what would be a waste of time and money;

  • help building a business case so you can get the budget you need to improve the customer experience;

  • a clear path to more self-service and better service quality — whether that's through improved websites, new templates, a revamped quality process or training;

  • consistently high customer satisfaction or NPS across the entire customer journey.

The best way to start is by booking a thorough Discovery session. This will help me analyse what your team needs so we can agree a good path forward.

The results of the Discovery are yours — whether you decide to let your in-house team do the implementation, hire a local agency or continue to work with me to unfold your team’s potential.

Here’s what’s included in the Discovery Session:

  • Online self-service or correspondence review (your choice) that will reveal in full detail how you stack up against 2 competitors.

    Plus, feedback on what you can do (now and long-term) to create greater loyalty, satisfaction and sales-through-service with your customers.

  • A Discovery Day at your premises, allowing me a deep dive into your customer care to examine the problems you’re facing.

    I'll shadow advisors and meet with key stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of what success looks like to them.

  • Research into your MI, customer correspondence and feedback surveys.

    None of that BS “best practice”, “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your complex reality into lifeless cookie cutter approaches that rob your brand and setup of all life and power. 

    Instead, I'll put your customers' true needs and expectations at the heart of my work.

    Depending on the problem we're solving, I'll also hit the libraries and scour academia to find the answers we need.

  • A 2-hour, face-to-face Innovation Session where I'll present the results of my Discovery and Research — and a recommended plan of action to get your customer care quality from where it is now to where you'd like it to be. 

  • An Innovation Report based on our Innovation session (approx. 10 pages, PDF).

    You're free to take that report to another writer or consultancy to execute it if you like.

    Or, if you feel comfortable with me, you can hire me for the execution of this strategic plan I’ve created for you.

  • Transparent project management, secure file management in the cloud and a personal relationship that will never leave you wondering what the heck is going on — without cluttering your inbox.


Your investment: 1,500 GBP / EUR (excl. VAT and travel expenses).

Sounds good?

Let’s have a chat to find out if we’re a good fit.

Good pace — covered a lot of ground but it didn’t feel rushed
— Workshop participant, insurance company
I thought Sabine was great! Lovely to meet her and hope she can provide some further training in the future.
— Workshop participant, Not-for-Profit

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