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Conferences, panel discussions, workshops and podcasts: some of my favourite things to do.

I feel magically attracted to stages and microphones, especially when there’s a chance to interact with other speakers and the audience.


Upcoming talks & events

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Public Workshop: Storytelling for Inclusion
Impact Hub Amsterdam, 9 October 2019

In this fun and engaging workshop, we'll explore the power of storytelling to reduce inequality and build community.

You'll learn...

  • Why storytelling is the most inclusive way of growing your brand

  • How stories work — a quick (!) dive into the neuroscience

  • A simple method for telling your story so it resonates and draws people in

  • Where to find helpful, inclusion-driven resources

  • We'll also look at some example stories together to see what works, what doesn't, and why.

Tickets are free for Impact Hub members and all full-price tickets help reduce inequalities.


Storytelling for Change
The Storytelling Lab Podcast, date tbc

Rain Bennett makes 6-second stories on video, which is amazing enough on its own.

But he doesn’t stop there: he also teaches storytelling in this groundbreaking podcast for NGOs & social enterprises.

So I’m honoured to be a guest on his show!

It’s about to go on a summer break, so I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know the date it comes out.

Till then…

Think Write Sell 2019.png

The European Copywriters’s Conference
2020, Amsterdam

Come hear my talk titled, "Are we writing the wrongs? — Why we need to talk about ethics in copywriting".

Climate change. Gender gap. Exploitation of labour. Animal cruelty. Brexit.

Copy drives lots of the bad stuff that's happening in the world.

Time to put on our superhero capes & start using our copy superpowers as a force for good.

To quote Don Draper:

Are we just "gonna sit at our desks while the walls fall down around us — because we're the least important, most important thing there is"?


Book me for your event or conference

A workshop leader with 20 years’ experience & former front woman in 2 bands, I deliver all the edutainment with none of the diva-style dressing room demands.

My favourite events involve some sort of dialogue: for example, video or audio interviews, Q&A with the audience and drop-in training.

Popular topics include:

  • Written conversations: emails & chat

  • Ethics in copywriting

  • Tone & voice for sustainable brands


Where you’ve heard me speak


Magic Copywriting

Impact Hub Amsterdam, 5 September, 3–5pm

Great copy can be the difference between people buying your ideas and products — or an indifferent shrug.

Websites, emails, storytelling, social media: this workshop covered the essential copywriting strategies that will set you up for success.

There was also plenty of time for Q&A.


Creating Culturally Aware Social Impact Brands

Social Impact CX Podcast, July 2019

If we want to achieve the Global Goals by 2030, we all need to work together. Understanding our differences can help us express our shared humanity.

And that’s our best chance.

I spent an hour in deep conversation with SocialImpactCX founder, John Corrigan.

Listen below and look forward to nuggets like these:

  • How to get started with implementing cultural sensitivity in your organisation

  • How to adapt your social enterprise or NGO to your audience’s cultural differences

  • The good, the bad & the ugly — examples of do’s and don’ts

Purchase with Purpose: The Role of Storytelling and Experience in Sustainable Retail
NEONYT Prepeek, July 2019, Berlin

Hosted by Kerry Bannigan (UN Conscious Fashion Campaign), this panel looked at the power of storytelling to turn purchases into purpose-driven, meaningful actions.

I really enjoyed inspiring NEONYT visitors to tell better stories — together my fellow panelists:

  • Hannah Kussel, Head of Retail, Das Gerber

  • Amanda Johnston, Curator and Education Consultant, The Sustainable Angle

  • #VEPSIambassador Nina Botzen / Chloé Mukai

  • Jorge Richardson, Product Manager, Closca Design

Thanks to the teams at VEPSI and NEONYT for organising the talk!


Storytelling for social purpose

Ethical Hour Facebook Group, 10 June 2019

Storytelling seems to be the latest trend in the marketing world, but it's also a fundamental skill for changemakers who want to inspire people with their cause.

Unfortunately there's also a lot of bad storytelling out there, even from ethical brands.

This masterclass focused on finding your story as an ethical brand — and planning it using my 5 Step StoryBuilder.


Future Fashion Focus: LIVE Mastermind 
26 April 2019, London

This is an overall brilliant event. Jo Salter and Sian Conway will be teaching how to embed sustainability into your business and how to build a stand-out brand.

My 30-minute masterclass will look at what’s needed to create the change we want to see:

Is sustainable fashion the future?
— Yes, if we master these 2 essential challenges

Understand why traditional advertising techniques don’t resonate with 21st century conscious fashionistas. Experience the power of marketing to drive positive change — and prioritise the right things when efforts don’t “pay off” as expected.

Support Driven Expo Europe 2019.png

Support Driven Expo Europe 2019, Belgrade

I was invited to teach a 45-minute workshop on intercultural customer support:

“The secret communication tool for handling your users’ cultural differences… elegantly”

In this workshop, we first cut through some assumptions and cultural biases that may affect the way we communicate.

I shared some key research into cultural differences and conversational styles, and how they affect customer support.

Then we applied UX Design thinking to create a support experience that works for the individual customer.


How to challenge brands on their use of plastic
Ethical Hour podcast
August 2018

This was a slightly different take on communication for me: usually I help brands communicate with their customers — this time it was the other way 'round.

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution
London Museum of Brands
April 2018

I spoke as part of a panel discussion on the question: Why Is Ethical Fashion So Expensive? (— Or Is It?!)

Together we rise!
Video interview with SHE Leads
February 2018

I had a chat with Karolina Lewandowska, head of SHE Leads Company, to encourage more women to start their own businesses. 


Meet the Change Maker
Video interview with Jen Gale
September 2017

Ethical Business Coach Jen Gale invited me for a chat about what it's like to start a responsible B2B-business. 

Linguistic Im/politeness, Aggression & Rudeness Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, July 2016

Photo taken by Martin Blacher

Photo taken by Martin Blacher

This conference took place pre-From Scratch — when I was a member of soh, a communications agency in London.

My (then) colleague, Martin Blacher, and I gave a talk titled,
You had me at hello: greetings and their significance for customer service — a study of 2500 UK consumers.

Martin had planned and conducted the original research; I had interpreted the results using my background in linguistics. Together, we presented our results in the context of customer service theory at this academic conference.

CC Expo
London Olympia
September 2016

That’s me in the corner… (to quote Michael Stipe)

That’s me in the corner… (to quote Michael Stipe)

My (then) team at soh had a stand at CC Expo in 2016. I got to share our original research into writing that delights customers in a record-breaking talk:

10 tips for writing brilliant service emails

As you can see from the picture, there was not enough room and people ‘spilled out’ into other areas of the expo.

Listeners had to wear headsets to hear me speak (aka ‘silent talk’). I’ll admit, this is not my favourite format, as there’s no interaction with listeners. But still, that one was fun.