Website benchmarking report

Website benchmarking report


Start improving your customer experience straight away:

You choose a part of your website and one competitor.
We'll choose another one.

Using linguistics, psychology and user experience, we'll highlight where you're doing amazingly — and how you can do even better!


  • A 30-minute Find-Out Session to set the intent and goals for the review.
  • A close-up review of up to 30 pages of your website in English or German.
  • Benchmarking report: we compare your web pages to those of 2 competitors —  you choose one, we choose the other.
  • Innovation report: at least 3 simple things you can do now to improve your website — and up to 3 strategic tips for the long term.
  • A detailed appendix showing all web pages included in the review and the dates they were visited.
  • A one-hour Q&A Session where we talk you through our findings and answer your questions about the results — so you can feel confident about the changes you want to make.

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What other customers say:

Sabine helped me work out the areas in which I wasn’t confident that Lost Shapes was fulfilling its potential. She then went away with a specific brief to analyse the website on a few key points, and benchmark the strengths and weaknesses compared to two other businesses that were similar but further developed. Her report was delivered really quickly, was very easy to read, and incredibly helpful. It had a useful mix of big picture views and specific pointers, with actionable conclusions. It was really helpful to have an objective view, but someone who understood the values of the business. I would be very happy to recommend From Scratch.
— Anna Brindle, Lost Shapes