Web Conversion Copy Audit (COCOA)

Web Conversion Copy Audit (COCOA)


If you’ve been wondering how to get more people to say YES to your offer, this Conversion Copy Audit is for you.

  • Choose 3 pages (URLs) on your website — for example, your homepage, products & pricing, and your newsletter signup page...

  • Answer my 11-point questionnaire so I know what to focus on in my audit

  • I record a video review for you (ca. 45-60 minutes)

  • I’ll send you a transcript of that video for ease of reference

  • You’ll also get one crucial bit of copy rewritten for your page

  • Watch the video & highlight the bits that you'd like to ask me about in the transcript

  • We get together for a 30-minute Q&A call so you can ask about all those highlighted bits

(Prices exclude BTW/VAT, which is applied at checkout. If you’re VAT registered abroad, I can take the VAT off your bill. Please enter your VAT number and discount code VATCOCOA at checkout and I’ll send you an updated invoice.)

Let’s get your page the copy it deserves!

Sweet! I want COCOA