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Getting customers...

It's your number one challenge. 

Your website does a decent job conveying your company ethos, but it doesn't get you the sales you want. Your biggest problem is how to speak to people in their language and get the value of your products and services across.

You also wonder if you lose sales from problems on the website. Are people letting you know if they get stuck? Do they feel your company is trustworthy enough to spend their money? 

Or perhaps you're getting a lot of engagement that doesn't translate into sales. Your website is absolutely clear to you, but people seem to misunderstand what you're actually offering. You're not sure if it's their problem or if there's a way you can better describe what you do.

When a new customer hits your website asking how you're different, you want a better answer. You want a fluff-free, drivel-free, non-generic online storefront that speaks to the hearts and minds of the right people.

You dream of what would be possible if you could double your customer base.

You want to go BIG. You also want to go global. And you want your website to drive home your mission.


If this sounds like you, we can help.

We've cast our expert eyes over many websites, and we're straight talkers (no jargon). 

  • Properly understand what language is working well, what needs fixing — and why.
  • Get a clear roadmap of copy improvements that follows your priorities.
  • Get a compelling website that makes people want to buy from you.
 Join us!

Join us!

All with a partner who understands your strong values and won't ask you to trick people into buying from you. Because that's against your ethos, and it's also against ours.

As proud members of the ethical move, we promise we'll help you sell ethically.

We achieve that with thorough research, creative ideas and words that resonate with the right people. No manipulation required. 


Here are some popular ways to work with us. 

Don't see a package that's exactly right for you? 

Let's talk and we'll put a tailored project together!


If you...

love to DIY your website,

just want an objective, outside view, or

your budget is limited,

we recommend our website benchmarking report.

This in-depth website assessment examines your user experience (UX), content strategy and tone of voice, so you'll know exactly what's brilliant and what needs polishing. It also benchmarks your website against two competitors or "hero brands", so you can prioritise improvements that will get you ahead of the competition:

Website benchmarking report

Start improving your customer experience straight away:

You choose a part of your website and one competitor.
We'll choose another one.

Using linguistics, psychology and user experience, we'll highlight where you're doing amazingly — and how you can do even better!


  • A 30-minute Find-Out Session to set the intent and goals for the review.
  • A close-up review of up to 30 pages of your website in English or German.
  • Benchmarking report: we compare your web pages to those of 2 competitors —  you choose one, we choose the other.
  • Innovation report: at least 3 simple things you can do now to improve your website — and up to 3 strategic tips for the long term.
  • A detailed appendix showing all web pages included in the review and the dates they were visited.
  • A one-hour Q&A Session where we talk you through our findings and answer your questions about the results — so you can feel confident about the changes you want to make.

All prices exclude VAT.

Get your report
Sabine opened up the discussion about customer service and communications through a call, and helped me work out the areas in which I wasn’t confident that Lost Shapes was fulfilling its potential. She then went away with a specific brief to analyse the website on a few key points, and benchmark the strengths and weaknesses compared to two other businesses that were similar but further developed.

Her report was delivered really quickly, was very easy to read, and incredibly helpful. It had a useful mix of big picture views and specific pointers, with actionable conclusions. It was really helpful to have an objective view, but someone who understood the values of the business. I would be very happy to recommend From Scratch.
— Anna Brindle, Lost Shapes
Anna Brindle Lost Shapes printing.jpg
I found the From Scratch website benchmarking report useful, and it looks great, too.

I don’t want to overload the user with links through-out the content, and the report helped me see new ways to achieve this. In our conversations, Sabine also introduced me to some tools that quickly show me how to make websites more accessible to all users. Thanks again!
— Jack McConnell, Made with Fuel

If you...

don't enjoy writing,

aren't sure how to accomplish your goals for online sales, or

your time is limited,

we recommend our full-service package: Your Website — On Fire.


With Your Website — On Fire, you get:

  • Our Website Benchmarking Review.
  • A Find-Out Session at your premises. We'll come on site for a day to learn about all aspects of your company and run a 2-hour workshop about your website and goals. Because we can serve you best when we really get to know you — and become part of your team.
  • Research. To put your customers' true needs and expectations at the heart of our work, we'll carry out qualitative and quantitative user research based on your analytics, customer correspondence, feedback surveys and usability tests. Depending on the problem we're solving, we'll also hit the libraries and scour academia to find the answers we need.
  • A 2-hour, face-to-face Innovation Session. We'll detail the results of our benchmarking and research, plus our recommendations on what to say and how to say it on your website. Then we'll work together with you and your team to agree a copy strategy.
  • A completely new homepage and polished copy on 5 existing sub-pages
  • Two revisions within 30 days at no extra cost, allowing you to think about the changes carefully and stay in control of what's happening with your website.
  • Roll-out support: we'll happily work alongside your web designers and developers. No silos.
  • Evaluation Session: A 1-hour, face-to-face review of our project's success, 3–6 months after the new copy went live. We know that many business owners put off checking their analytics — so if that's you, we'll help keep you accountable. We'll also be there as a sounding board, helping you to understand the results you've seen and what you can do next.
  • Transparent project management, secure file management in the cloud and a personal relationship that will never leave you wondering what the heck is going on — without cluttering your inbox.


Your investment: £3,500 (excl. VAT).


 Ashley Baxter runs  With Jack  — business insurance on a first name basis.

Ashley Baxter runs With Jack — business insurance on a first name basis.

Sabine is a pro! I always knew what was happening and at what stage we were at. She’s efficient and organised and I loved it.

When you work with From Scratch you’ll get someone who genuinely cares and is invested in your brand.

You won’t just get words, you’ll come away with a better understanding of your own brand and competitors.
— Ashley Baxter, Director at With Jack
Based in Iceland and Switzerland, Gusta sells Icelandic knitwear and yarn. This year, we’re planning to improve our website so we can sell yarn directly through our online shop. To help us attract international customers, From Scratch polished the language of our English-speaking website. We’re looking forward to implementing this valuable work.
Thank you for your great comments and corrections!
— Ágústa Þóra Jónsdóttir,
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