There’s More to Ethical Communication
than Not Being a D**k

As a value-driven business, you want to do good for the 3 Ps: people, profit and planet. 
Much like single-use plastic and driving old Diesel cars, bad communication can have serious consequences, too.

It can further disempower vulnerable people such as

  • People with disabilities

  • Customers aged 55+

  • Citizens of the world who use Google Translate to browse your site

  • Freelancers working from the beach in some tropical paradise (can they still read your page in the glaring sun?) or

  • Men (no joke: 10% of the male population are colourblind, and might struggle with how you’ve laid out your text).

It can also mean lost time, unnecessary costs and missed business opportunities.

In this free infographic, I've condensed my best tips for ACE ethical communication, based on linguistics, psychology and user research.


  • 4 things you can do now to make your website accessible to visitors — no matter their ability or background.

  • The mind-bogglingly simple proofreading trick that will make anything you write clear and easy to understand.

  • Simple instructions to help you show your empathy, even when you've had a long and stressful day.

  • Ideas to help you "green up" your communications.


Plus, if you sign up, you’ll help us bring e-learning to a child in India: