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Enjoy this selection of articles written from scratch — some about me, some by myself.


Ethical marketing tip #2: Be honest and transparent — by the Ethical Brand Marketing blog

Jessica Lohmann, founder of Ethical Brand Marketing, explains the difference between honesty and transparency — and what to do before sharing your message, step by step.

Thanks for listing From Scratch as a good example for the things brands can do to be honest and transparent! Those are two important values at the core of my work.


“Sabine’s emails are robust in topic coverage and deep in approach”

— Nikki Elbaz, Email Specialist @ Copyhackers

“I deleted an old email address. Here be the email lists I’m taking with me” — by Nikki Elbaz

There’s no sweeter sound than the praise of a fellow copywriter — especially coming from the Email Specialist at Copyhackers.

Spoiler alert:

I’ll be honest, many copywriter lists get old fast. Watered down persuasion principles I learned in ad school. Reruns of Copy Hackers posts. Not so Sabine’s emails. She’s robust in topic coverage and deep in approach. BONUS: She actually emails consistently.


9 Facts to Know When You Provide Support for a Multicultural Customer Base

Cultural awareness helps the best customer support teams overcome their own cultural biases and untangle misunderstandings. What’s more, intercultural awareness can also help you prevent burnout at work. When you know how different people approach customer care differently, it’s easier to step back from the interaction and not take things too personally.

To help with this, I’ve put together this article for the Freshdesk blog.


Never Fear the Phone Again: Land More Clients by Improving Your Communication Skills

Alaura Weaver, a copywriting colleague from the US, asked me about my best advice when it comes to voice calls for an article on Foundr… whether they happen on-screen or on an actual phone.

Spoiler alert:

Be present. Be interested in what the client has to say. Listen to them and strive to really understand their point of view and their goals.

Sabine-Harnau-SD-Expo-Slides-—-for-SD-blog-2-1 (1).jpg

The secret communication tool for handling your users’ cultural differences… elegantly

Almost every company now sells to people from many different cultures; this may be particularly true here in Europe. Thing is, your users’ heritage affects more than the language they speak. It also colours their relationships with your products — and their expectations of support.

This article for the Support Driven Blog explores

  • Some key research into cultural biases and assumptions,

  • How they play out in customer conversations, and

  • The best approach to emails from customers whose background may differ from yours


How the SDGs can help guide and inform the ethics & practices of companies
who are thinking about their impact on the planet

This article in How Now Magazine is a fantastic introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As a company, how can you embed the SDGs in your work and your messaging?

And how can you make a positive difference in your personal life?


How to reduce customer complaints sensibly and sustainably

Complaints don’t just spring out of thin air. They’re the end product of a long chain of events. The good news is, it’s possible to dramatically decrease complaint volume by looking at this chain, and finding ways to break it before it ends in an angry customer.

Spoiler alert: writing and teamwork play a big part…


The Process And Reasons Behind With Jack's Rebrand

“A lot of people overlook the importance of copy when building a website. They focus more on how it looks and performs.

If done right, copy can be incredibly powerful in selling your product, mission or company. This was the work of Sabine from From Scratch. … Working with a good copywriter made a huge difference to the project and I’d recommend it to everyone.”

Thanks, Jack! 💛 Let every insurance company be like you. 💛


Why impact entrepreneurs need creativity

Too many good projects fall down and fray.

Jeff and Louisa Barnum, of Magenta Studios, help impact businesses to surf the ambiguity and uncertainty of doing important work.

I interviewed Jeff ahead of his 2-day training workshop at Impact Hub Amsterdam, taking place in November 2018.

Read the best bits from our 1-hour conversation and…


How to write great FAQs in 10 steps

Get your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) right and you’ll save money, add oomph to your marketing and drive sales. But get them wrong and customers will stop trusting them — and you.

Here’s my updated, ultimate guide to writing game-changing FAQs… for startups and corporations and everyone in between.


4 Myth-Busting Facts about Customer Service

Ever since I worked in my first customer service role, these 4 myths have been bugging me. It was great to write about them for the Freshdesk audience!


Ethical Hour podcast: How to challenge brands on their use of plastic

This was a slightly different take on communication for me: usually I help brands communicate with their customers — this time it was the other way 'round. In my work with corporations and small businesses, I've had first-hand experience of what kinds of customer emails, letters and messages had the strongest effect on company policy. It was great to share those experiences and help both sides connect over a shared concern for our planet.


The secret power of customer reviews

Freshdesk asked me to take a closer look at customer reviews and how companies can use them to build a customer feedback culture. These 10 facts lay the foundation for that cultural shift.


Why I'm Moving My Company From the U.K. to the Continent

Ahead of the big move of From Scratch from Windsor to Amsterdam, I got to tell Entrepreneur.com about why we're doing it. 

Hint: It has something to do with that thing called Brexit...


Women leading the way in sustainability: meet the changemakers

Ethical Hour interviewed me for a special blog post for International Women's Day 2018.


What does it mean to be a woman in marketing?

For International Women's Day 2018, Rosie Walsh also interviewed me about my experiences as a woman in marketing.

Photo by  Tom Pumford  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Annoying business jargon to avoid this year

How can business jargon even still be thing?! Read about my favourite pet peeve in the Telegraph.


Trends to watch in 2018 – what’s happening in the ethical & sustainability sector?

Find out about my predictions for the year in this blog on Ethical Hour.


SHE Leads Company — Together we Rise!

I had a chat with Karolina Lewandowska, head of SHE Leads Company, to encourage more women to start their own businesses. 


Linguistics jobs -  Interview with a Communications Consultant

What do I actually do here at From Scratch? And how is a background in linguistics helpful for the job? Superlinguo wanted to know — a blog "for those who like and use language."


Meet the changemaker

Ethical Business Coach Jen Gale invited me for a chat about what it's like to start a responsible B2B-business. 

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash.

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash.

The Art of Conscious Communication

While we’ve seen toxic waste and sweatshops on TV, we may not think of our conversations, letters and emails as particularly dangerous. But bad communication can have serious consequences, too.