Faster than the speed of night:

Writing Days

You need a lot of copy…

  • A short email welcome sequence for your newsletter subscribers

  • 3-5 promotional emails for your next campaign (depending on length)

  • A new About Page for your website + 3 different bios for your social media profiles

  • A landing page for your new product launch

And even though you pride yourself on being able to write clearly and comprehensively, you feel a bit overwhelmed (as well as excited!) when you realise the big task ahead. 

Because the thing is, you really need to focus on other things. 

Like, driving the business forward.

Preparing & attending events.

Making & selling products and services.

And instead of pulling an all-nighter to get this copy done, you’d rather spend some time with your kids.


Get it DONE WELL at a very fast turnaround — with a Writing Day

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your preferred date & starting time

  2. Give me your brief by filling in my form. This will allow me to hit the ground running on our Writing Day — so we can make the most out of that time.

  3. We’ll start the Writing Day with a 30-minute call (you’ll get an invite from me). This is so we can get to know each other, you can tell me if the brief’s changed, and I can ask you any questions that may have come up in the meantime.

  4. Then I’m off to write for you!

    • I usually start the day with research: reading through the materials you shared, doing review mining…

    • Then I write my first draft — that’s the chunkiest part of the day.

    • I go back over my copy and optimise it — and then I send it over to you.

  5. To round off the day, we get together for another 15-minute call. I’ll explain the work I’ve done, and there’s time for a Q&A.


If you need it done fast & you need it done well, book a Writing Day

For example, I used a full-day session to help Fair Wear Foundation create the video script for their Annual Conference 2018.

Watch it below:


Go ahead and book your Writing Day

You’ll be able to reserve it through a simple, secure credit card payment.

Price: 750 € (excl. VAT)


No credit card?

No problem! Just get in touch for an invoice.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.