Good with words — so you can do more good

That's what got me started from scratch.

I'm proud to support businesses whose hearts are in the right place.

If you’re reading this, and you want to make sure that I walk the talk — thank you!


Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through supporting my clients, I get to contribute to all 17 Global Goals — because as my clients grow, they can make a bigger impact towards “their” SDGs.

But I don’t want to stop there.

The following 3 goals take priority for From Scratch Communications:

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How From Scratch contributes to Quality Education:

  • Offering free communications training for businesses and NGOs, covering topics such as copywriting, internal communication, communicating across cultural boundaries, speaking & writing English & German. This training takes place at summits & conferences (live or online), on Instagram and YouTube, as well as via ebooks, articles and downloadable guides.

  • Pro-bono consulting & strategic copywriting for my partner NGO, English Academy for Newcomers (see more below).

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How From Scratch contributes to Reduced Inequalities:

  • Intercultural communication skills form a big part of my work. Embracing cultural differences is difficult if we’re blind to them, afraid of them, or if we believe that it’s all down to the individual characteristics of each person. That’s why it’s important for all collaborators and members of the team to have first-hand experience of multicultural lifestyles.

  • My partner NGO, English Academy for Newcomers, plays an active role in acculturating newcomers so they can feel at home in the Netherlands without losing touch with their roots.

  • From Scratch is an active advocate for the queer community and celebrates their hard-won progress towards full equality in societies around the world.

  • From Scratch copy is edited using the Conscious Style Guide and associated materials. This is to make sure that all copy published under the brand or handed over to clients is inclusive, respectful and serves to empower people.

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How From Scratch contributes to Responsible Consumption & Production:

  • My services are only available to organisations that are taking active, demonstrable steps towards producing more responsibly and/or encouraging resource-efficient, socially just consumption.

  • A significant portion of From Scratch content produced for own-brand marketing or to promote clients’ brands serves to educate consumers on sustainable consumption and lifestyles.

  • Whenever possible, I avoid flying — instead opting for the train, electric car or video meetings. If there’s no suitable alternative to planes, I offset the associated CO2 via Gold Standard projects.

  • I refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle wherever possible when I need goods for From Scratch. When buying stationery and other goods, Fair Trade, organic, vegan, second hand and recycled products take priority. In some cases, I choose not to buy at all — because none of the available options satisfy our high standards. (One recent example is the humble roll-up banner, where all available options were PVC-based.) You’ll find some concrete examples below.


What does that look like in practice?


#noborders #diversity #equality

I’ve moved countries 4 times. By choice.

Being white, European, educated and middle class, I’m aware of my privileged situation.

So the plight of refugees and asylum seekers touches me deeply.

theethicalmove_values small.png

No-manipulation copywriting

As a proud member of the ethical move, I stand for an ethical marketplace.

My words won’t scare people into buying from you. Rather, let’s empower conscious choices that make people’s lives better — and the world a better place.


Giving time & skills for a good cause

Every time you hire me, you allow me to support NGOs with free copy and training.

At the moment, I’m writing for English Academy for Newcomers (EAN). They teach English to refugees & asylum seekers in Utrecht, Netherlands.

As of the end of Q1/2019, I’ve donated services equivalent of € 2,422 to EAN.


Renewable energy

The electricity I use is made right above my head — powering our video calls, my typing & web layout... and even my car.


Low-emission business travel

Public transport FTW! Walking & fietsen too, of course. For long distances, I take the electric car. I try not to fly if I can avoid it.

Fish bw.jpg

Kind to animals

I'm a vegetarian with 3 office cats, and I used to run a shelter for hamsters. So I don't buy or promote anything that relies on animal cruelty.

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No throwaway culture

My office is pretty much paperless, except my bullet journal. I take my spork, refillable bottle & coffee cup with me most of the time.  And what rubbish I inevitably produce, I recycle or compost if I can.


Makers for makers

I like to make things from scratch and consume slowly. Slow food, slow fashion, slow living. Better for my mental health, better for the planet, and a link with some of my clients, too!

banana bw.jpeg

Eco office supplies

Recycled paper. Non-toxic pens. Pencils, not biros. Refillable fountain pens and whiteboard markers. Organic, fair trade coffee, dairy, eggs, tea and fruit.
The list goes on...