Find out what your customers REALLY think

A 24-page*, action-packed guide to make your customer relationships sizzle

 (Click the image to download your ebook.)

(Click the image to download your ebook.)


  • Proven, practical advice that goes beyond the typical opt-in or fluffy blog post
  • Finally see the forest for the trees with my detailed, step-by-step checklist (instead of drowning in raw data that tells no stories)
  • Jargon-free bridge between customer service, marketing and product teams — streamlining cross-departmental communication and helping you make your case for a better seat at the table

* Don’t worry, it’s written in a large font and includes pictures so it should take you less than a legally-required lunch break to read it.


Here's just some of the good stuff inside:


  • Should you use customer reviews, and if so, how?
  • How can you get around the fact that people are simply tired of customer surveys?
  • The 5 things most businesses don't do on social media — this is your chance to change the conversation and win new fans
  • The secret behind-the-scenes template that will help you do right by your customers (and because that template is never sent out, your customers will never know!)
  • Hostage negotiators know A LOT about unravelling tricky situations. So I've applied their guidance to customer emails and calls
  • Why striving to be polite is absolutely the wrong thing to do, and what you should do instead. 
  • 10 little-known facts about connecting with customers from different cultural backgrounds (to find out which callers are OK to wait a bit longer till you pick up the phone, check point 4 on page 21!)

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What previous readers said about the ebook:

 Ashley Baxter runs  — insurance on a first name basis

Ashley Baxter runs — insurance on a first name basis

This is a highly valuable read despite not being a massive book. I liked the formatting, too. No walls of text, but broken into lists, paragraphs and backed up with links to external resources. With each chapter there was at least one big takeaway for me. The 10 facts about cultural expectations for customer care was really interesting and I didn’t know any of that. We need to get it into a lot of hands!
— Ashley Baxter, founder of with Jack
 CustomerSure make cracking customer feedback software.

CustomerSure make cracking customer feedback software.

For all the hype about robots and AI, there’s only one process that’s guaranteed to continuously improve customer satisfaction – finding out what your customers think of you, and acting on it.
From Scratch are not only experts at getting inside your customers’ heads, but also at improving how your team relate to your customers.
— Chris Stainthorpe,  CustomerSure Co-Founder
 Jessica Lohmann helps ethical brands "rock their revenue" at

Jessica Lohmann helps ethical brands "rock their revenue" at

This is digestible, easy to understand language, well formatted to not bore, enough white space, external expert data/info, using amusing examples (bird crap totaling smart car), VERY good example of email communication between Sabine and Donovan, super tips following that email exchange... go and download it!
— Jessica Lohmann, founder of Ethical Brand Marketing

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