Unsure where to start with that customer email, or how to make your lead magnet ready to shine?

Is your website full of sweet ramblings and musings, but you're worried people won't get the point?

Befuddled from reading too many contradictory blog posts and books? Concerned about dangling modifiers, split infinitives and business jargon?

You can hire a copywriter — but then it feels like it's out of your hands, and that's not your style. You want to learn how it's done and make sure that the words will fit you and your company 100%.

Welcome to Copy Coaching.

Copy Coaching is for you if you've got an interest in writing your own stuff, but you're not sure how to do it:

  • Sales websites
  • About pages
  • FAQ content
  • Customer emails
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Prospecting emails to find clients or wholesale customers
  • Lead magnets
  • [insert your challenge]

During your session, we'll get to know you and your copy — helping you to be true to your own voice, express your values, and show off your expertise. Whether it's about selling yourself or your company's offers, serving a customer or the greater good: we'll find the right words, together.

You'll get targeted help with the piece of writing you're struggling with, so you can master the task and grow your confidence.

And if you do decide to hire a copywriter in the future, you'll know what to look out for.

What to expect from the session:

  • Sessions take between 30 and 45 minutes; they can be in English or German.
  • Feel free to send some pre-reading material. (If it's a 1,000-page manual, we might need to skim-read it.)
  • We'll meet on Zoom; you can dial in on your phone or use a link to join on your computer.
  • Our Sabine will be listening to your story, asking questions, taking lots of notes and giving you advice right there and then.
  • And after our call, she'll send you an email with all her notes and draft copy based on our call.
You’ll not only be confident but delighted to be working with someone who takes the time to get to know you and what you’re trying to say in your message. Any suggestions/edits will be true to your own voice, it’s an amazing process. The copy for my website greatly improved, Sabine was able to make suggestions that just seemed to make the whole thing flow and read so much better.
— Jacqueline Kelly, Ourbravehearts.ie

Here's how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule your session below.

Step 2. Tell us what you'd like to tackle in your session and accept the Ts & Cs.

Step 3. We'll send you an invoice for the session, which you can pay conveniently online.

Step 4. We'll have our coaching session!


Book your Copy Coaching session

Book your session today. Let us walk you through how to write that piece in your own authentic voice. Finish the session with a draft that's ready to go (and an approach you can come back to in the future).