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Good ethics make good business sense.


That's what got us started from scratch.

We're proud to support businesses whose hearts are in the right place.

Because trading sustainably means treating customers well. And founding our recommendations on science and research is just the responsible thing to do.

But there's more to our approach to treating the world with kindness while making a living. Here are some of the ways we want to make a difference.


Renewable energy

We haven't got our own wind turbine — but our electricity and gas come from a utility that only sells fully renewable sources.  


Low-emission business travel

After walking and cycling, the electric car is our preferred mode of transport. We only fly or take the train if we must save time.

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Kind to animals

We've got 3 office cats and an office hamster, and we're thinking of getting an office dog too. So we don't buy or promote anything that relies on animal cruelty.

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No throwaway culture

We go paperless when we can. Our water and takeaway coffees come in reusable containers. And what rubbish we inevitably produce, we recycle or compost if we can.


Makers for makers

We like to make things from scratch and consume slowly. Slow food, slow fashion, slow living. Better for our mental health, better for the planet, and a link with our clients.

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Eco office supplies

Recycled paper. Non-toxic pens. Pencils, not biros. Refillable fountain pens. Organic, fair trade coffee, tea and fruit. The list goes on...

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Sabine.

I started from scratch after having worked on customer experience with some of the biggest brands — both in-house and agency-side. For example, I created and managed the global LEGO Customer Service tone of voice. To see an example of what we achieved with training, templates and smart change management, read the response we sent Luka Apps about his lost Jay ZX minifigure.

I'm German/English bilingual with degrees in English and German literature & linguistics (German state exams — equivalent to M.A.). I'm also a qualified teacher, a member of writing collective 26, a published poet and a certified 'total geek'. And I've got a mild obsession with textile crafts, craft gin and old etiquette books.

A passionate conscious consumer myself, I now help conscious and creative companies attract customers and keep them happy — in a way that's ethical, efficient and engaging. From Scratch is a network of experts in coaching and communications, so each project has the right team of specialists.

Feel free to make friends over at


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