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Bigger projects work better with partners


Helping you woo customers around the world and keep them happy:

Sabine Harnau

 Sabine Harnau, Founder & Head Scratcher at From Scratch.

Sabine Harnau, Founder & Head Scratcher at From Scratch.

"A passionate conscious consumer myself, I started from scratch after having worked on customer experience with some of the biggest brands — both in-house and agency-side. 

For example, I created and managed the global LEGO Customer Service tone of voice. To see an example of what we achieved with training, templates and smart change management, read the response we sent Luka Apps about his lost Jay ZX minifigure.

I manage the From Scratch projects and social media accounts, plan and deliver training, write English and German copy and also the From Scratch newsletter every other week. 

I'm German/English bilingual with degrees in English and German literature & linguistics (German state exams — equivalent to M.A.).

I'm also a qualified teacher, a member of writing collective 26, a published poet and a certified 'total geek'. 

And I've got a mild obsession with textile crafts, craft gin and old etiquette books. 

You can read some of my other work over at"


Helping teams thrive during times of change —together:

Dorit Noble


"I'm an award-winning trainer with over 12 years experience in group facilitation, coaching and mentoring.

As a team systems coach, I support teams and organisations through times of transition. I believe that a happy workplace and supportive team are key to retaining your talent.

Our parallel approach to projects focusses on your operational challenges, while at the same time improving team performance and interactions — all very important foundations for great communications with customers:

  • Enhancing team culture
  • Conflict management
  • Collaboration across projects
  • Mergers

I have experience in supporting organisations through change including bank mergers, university departments and the service industry where I worked closely with board members to support and improve collaboration between their teams."

 Dorit Noble, award-winning trainer, coach and mentor.

Dorit Noble, award-winning trainer, coach and mentor.


Helping you get found online, in Portugal, and Angola:

Joana Fernandes

 Joana Fernandes, content and communications consultant (Portuguese and English).

Joana Fernandes, content and communications consultant (Portuguese and English).

"I’m passionate about communication, mostly words.

For the past 14 years, I’ve been deepening my life-long infatuation by gaining client-side experience in all sorts of communication fields, from being a journalist to a translator, plain language consultant or content quality specialist.

Nowadays, I use my eagle eye in freelance language-related projects, doing what I do best:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Localizing
  • Translating
  • Transcreating
  • Writing
  • Optimising SEO

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to get to know more about me and what I’ve been doing.

I’m Portuguese and am now based in Lisbon, after having lived in London for almost 5 years.

I’m a music lover. I also love singing, animals, Africa, travelling, and languages. Probably in that order.

Now I'm a mom, my kid is finally making me feel a bit lost for words – sometimes."


Helping you overcome cultural barriers:

Sophia Cheng

 Sophia Cheng, intercultural communications strategist.

Sophia Cheng, intercultural communications strategist.

"With a background in psychology and more than 9 years' communications experience, I support nonprofits and small organisations with their storytelling and outreach.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a range of stakeholders spanning geographical and cultural barriers.

From indigenous leaders in Panama to youth in Indonesia, from startups in Australia and Ireland, to sitting on the European Board for the International Association of Business Communicators — cross-cultural communication is something I live and breathe. 

I try to embed good ethical choices at every level of my work: from making the Giving What You Can Pledge, to offsetting my air miles to a third-party assessed organisation.

Partnering with other ethically-minded businesses is crucial if we are to establish the new business norm, opting for collaboration over competition.

You can read more on ethical living, digital nomad lifestyle and communications over on my blog."


Good ethics make good business sense

That's what got us started from scratch.

We're proud to support businesses whose hearts are in the right place.

Because trading sustainably means treating customers well. And founding our recommendations on science and research is just the responsible thing to do.

But there's more to our approach to treating the world with kindness while making a living. Here are some of the ways we want to make a difference.


Renewable energy

We haven't got our own wind turbine — but our electricity and gas come from a utility that only sells fully renewable sources.  


Low-emission business travel

After walking and cycling, the electric car is our preferred mode of transport. We only fly or take the train if we must save time.

Fish bw.jpg

Kind to animals

We've got 3 office cats and plans to adopt either a hamster or gerbils.* So we don't buy or promote anything that relies on animal cruelty.

*if you're a fan of one or the other, please help us decide!

Glove rocks.jpg

No throwaway culture

We go paperless when we can. Our water and takeaway coffees come in reusable containers. And what rubbish we inevitably produce, we recycle or compost if we can.


Makers for makers

We like to make things from scratch and consume slowly. Slow food, slow fashion, slow living. Better for our mental health, better for the planet, and a link with our clients.

banana bw.jpeg

Eco office supplies

Recycled paper. Non-toxic pens. Pencils, not biros. Refillable fountain pens. Organic, fair trade coffee, tea and fruit. The list goes on...